Powered by nature
- made for life

ecuran – the material with a future

ecuran is the result of research over several years – and is the very best solution for your floor. Using a unique procedure, we have succeeded in manufacturing flooring products in which conventional petrochemical polyols have been replaced by natural oils in the polyurethane formula. This high-performance composite material deliberately refrains from using plasticisers, solvents or chlorine, making it ideally suited to any area of application. Whether it is being used at home, in hospitals or in offices, flooring with ecuran is the perfect choice for situations with demanding requirements.


Incredibly versatile

Outstanding mechanical performance

Thanks to its special composition, ecuran is ideal for domestic environments and public facilities alike. Flooring with ecuran is particularly resilient, permanently durable, ensures a low noise level, and boasts an exceptionally long service life.

Sustainable product and manufacturing

ecuran is based on “bio-polyurethane”, which is manufactured primarily from plant-based oils such as canola oil or castor oil as well as naturally occurring mineral components such as chalk.

Highly versatile

ecuran is a real all-round talent for your flooring solutions. Used together with other functional layers, ecuran is opening up totally new possibilities for modern and innovative products.

Always at the forefront

The hallmark of all ecuran developments is the technologically unsurpassed proportion of renewable and natural raw materials they contain.

Benefits of ecuran

Sustainable product and manufacturing
  • Natural ingredients
  • without addition of chlorine, without  plasticisers and without solvents
  • No risk to health
Outstanding mechanical performance
  • Patented technology
  • Resilient and permanently durable
    (physical properties remain unchanged even after being subjected to extreme stress)
  • Quiet
    (helps keep noise levels to a minimum)
  • Flexible

ecuran – products

Through ecuran, we are already offering our customers tailored and sustainable high-performance products that, thanks to their exceptional properties, are used both directly and as part of a composite solution.   
Made in Germany