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Reasons for choosing ecuran – the material of the future

ecuran is the high-performance composite material for sophisticated flooring solutions. It is based on “bio-polyurethane”, which is manufactured primarily from plant-based oils such as canola oil or castor oil as well as naturally occurring mineral components such as chalk. ecuran can also be relied on for its outstanding noise reduction and its particularly long-lasting durability. And all this is achieved with maximum sustainability – natural ingredients, no chlorine, no plasticisers, no solvents. ecuran is a totally innovative flooring solution and is extremely durable.

A tried-and-tested product

Through ecuran, we are already offering our customers tailored and sustainable high-performance products that, thanks to their exceptional properties, are used both directly and as part of a composite solution.

Manufactured predominantly from natural materials

ecuran is based on “bio-polyurethane”, which is manufactured primarily from plant-based oils such as canola oil or castor oil as well as naturally occurring mineral components such as chalk.

Outstandingly customer-friendly

ecuran helps you to provide your customers the flooring they deserve – a solution that’s extremely durable and harmless to health.

Wide range of applications

Used together with other functional layers, ecuran is opening up totally new possibilities for modern and innovative products.

Products with ecuran

  • Multilayer covering element with ecuran as the optimum base for various designs and structures.
  • Flexible, highly durable support element made from ecuran provides the ideal foundation for every floor.
  • A complete flooring solution that consists largely of ecuran and combines all the advantages of the innovative high-performance composite material and its pronounced sustainability in a high-quality flooring solution.
  • Custom-made on-floor insulation element made from ecuran – adapts to the floor and thus ensures optimum insulation at all times.
  • Additional creative applications are possible with ecuran. Its applications are not restricted to flooring. Get in touch with us.

Outstanding prerequisites

ecuran can do a lot for your products and ideas. Thanks to its special composition, ecuran can help to fulfil the criteria for various certifications that confirm the sustainability and health compatibility of products or their production processes:

Blue Angel

The German Blue Angel eco-label is awarded to products that are more environmentally friendly and ecological than standard and conventional competitor products.

Austrian Ecolabel

The Austrian Ecolabel is a nationally awarded seal of approval recognising products that are extremely environmentally friendly and/or have been manufactured using extremely environmentally friendly methods.

Émissions dans L’Air Intérieur A+ (France)

The Émissions dans L’Air Intérieur A+ award classifies building materials, as well as materials used for construction and furnishing, in relation to their emission levels when they are first launched on the French market.

Emission Class For Building Material M1 (Finland)

The Emission Class For Building Material M1 is awarded by the Building Information Foundation RTS, and is a distinction for products containing very low levels of toxic substances.


GREENGUARD Gold certification acknowledges products that are ideal choices even for people with increased levels of sensitivity, making them suitable for use in schools or healthcare facilities, for example.

Danish Indoor Climate Label (Denmark)

The Danish Indoor Climate Label is a seal of approval awarded to flooring that fulfils the stringent requirements set out by the Danish Technological Institute (Teknologisk Institut). Building materials are assessed to determine whether and to what extent they influence the indoor climate.

ecuran quality

Over many decades, we have built up a stock of technological expertise and application experience in the field of polyurethane and its use in the most sophisticated floor coverings. We consistently draw upon this knowledge in the development of our products. The hallmark of all ecuran developments is the technologically unsurpassed proportion of renewable and natural raw materials they contain.

Carefully selected suppliers of raw materials, as well as ongoing research and development, ensure that ecuran fulfils the highest standards of quality. From the very first step in the manufacturing process, we conduct continuous quality checks – ensuring the result is a flawless product each and every time.

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